About This Website

Our website is dedicated to the prevention of unsafe practices while in the water. Often referred to as Shallow Water Blackout our Foundation honors the memory of those who unknowingly became victims of this preventable tragedy. Shallow Water Blackout is an underwater faint due to lack of oxygen to the brain brought on by prolonged breath holding. It occurs without warning and, without immediate rescue, victims quickly drown. Due to the fact that it can happen at any depth of water there is considerable controversy about the term Shallow Water Blackout.  However, our Foundation will continue to refer to it as such for the time being.

Working with individuals and organizations within the realm of aquatics we strive to educate the public about the dangers of unsupervised and prolonged breath holding. We recognize that certain water-related activities require breath holding. However, we take a strong stand against the casual practice of the untrained and unsupervised individual trying to override the body’s need to breathe regularly by prolonging a breath hold under water.

This website has been designed to both honor its namesake and serve as an educational platform to help us achieve our mission. We thank you for visiting and welcome any feedback you wish to offer.

Live Like Benjo Foundation’s Board of Directors.