Board of Directors

The Foundation is honored to have the following distinguished members of our community serve on our Board of Directors.

(---) = Committee served, LinkedIn Page:

Allen Baker, Training Consultant, CGI (M)

Lynne Ballard, Ed.D, Retired Associate Provost, Champlain College (B, P & N)

- David Bean, Director of Operations,  The Malley Group at KW Vermont

Robin Doyle, Owner, International Sailing School (B)

Tom DunnTreasurer, Retired IT Architect at IBM (M)

Oliver Gardner,  Retired, Former owner of 4 Seasons Garden Center

- Dani Haller, Flight Attendant, Alaska Airlines (F, P)

Dean E. HallerVice Chair, Founder, Live Like Benjo Foundation (A, F & P), Executive Director, Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

Tom Hark,  Chair, President and Founder, Civilian Conservation Corps, U.S.A.

 - Karen Mount, Franchise Owner, Weststaff & Remedy Intelligent Staffing

- Tom Price - Software Engineer, UTC Aerospace Systems

- Christina Schumacher, HR and Finance at ReSOURCE Vermont



​Advocacy and Strategy Committee (A):

Chair, Dean E. Haller

Fundraising Committee (F):

Chair, Dean E. Haller

Live Like Benjo Foundation Sailing Program (B): 

Chair, Robin Doyle, President, International Sailing Center 

Momma Dance & ISC Boat Maintenance Committee (M)

​Chair, Tom Dunn​

Nominating Committee (N)

Chair, Lynne Ballard

Planning Committee (P):

Chair, Dani Haller