Board of Directors

The Foundation is honored to have the following distinguished members of our community serve on our Board of Directors.

(---) = Committe served, LinkedIn Page:

Allen Baker, Training Consultant, CGI (M)

Buddy, Momma Dance First Mate Emeritus, Foundation's Mascot

- Cindy Elcan, Secretary, Dir. of Admin and Planning, U. W. of Chittenden County, VT (A)

- Dani Haller, Flight Attendant, Alaska Airlines (F)

- Dean E. Haller, President and Founder, Live Like Benjo Foundation (A, F & P), Executive Director, Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

- Erol Bayar, President, Micro-CAD Designs, Inc (M)

- Lynne Ballard, Vice President, Ed.D, Associate Provost, Champlain College (B, P & N)

- Marsha Faryniarz, Sr. Vice President, Burlington, VT YMCA 

- Oliver Gardner,  Sales and Marketing at My Garden Post

- Tom Dunn, Treasurer, Retired IT Architect at IBM (M)

- Tom Price - Software Engineer, UTC Aerospace Systems



​Advocacy and Strategy Committee (A):

Chair, Dean E. Haller

Fundraising Committee (F):

Chair, Dean E. Haller

Live Like Benjo Foundation Sailing Program (B): 

Chair, Robin Doyle, President, International Sailing Center 

Momma Dance & ISC Boat Maintenance Committee (M)

​Chair, Tom Dunn​

Nominating Committee (N)

Chair, Lynne Ballard

Policy Committee (P):

Chair, currently vacant