How You Can Support Our Foundation

 To see how we apply funds raised and make a donation to our Foundation click here

Our Programs are totally supported by donations and corporate sponsorships and as an all volunteer organization all funds raised go directly to our Programs.

Like all non profit organizations our existance soley depends upon corporate grants and volunteer fundraising; therefore, a donation to our Foundation of any size will be greatly appreciated.

Additional ways you can help us achieve our mission, which is to eliminate the needless deaths caused by prolonged breath holding and breath holding games, are as follows:

-- Tell your friends and associates about our Foundation and what we do.

-- Serve as an advocate for the prohibition of prolonged breath holding and breath holding games at all swimming facilities.

-- Help us raise funds to ensure we remain sustainable.

-- Consider serving on one of our committes.

-- Contact us if you have suggestions as to how we can increase our reach. We are always willing to make presentations about what we do and why we do it. The answer is simple - to save lives and ensure that no more families have to endure the pain and suffering from losing a loved-one needlessly. 

Information you provide to the Live Like Benjo Foundation is used only to properly credit your contribution and communicate with you about the Foundation and related program information. We will never sell, rent or trade information about you.