Community Outreach

The secondary mission of our Foundation is to make the public aware of how Shallow Water Blackout can easily be prevented and to advocate for the prohibition of unsupervised breath-holding and breath-holding games in all public and private swimming facilities.

Through collaborative efforts with the Burlington YMCA, the Vermont Recreation and Parks Association, Dr. Lewis First, the Vermont Department of Health and other organizations we travel throughout the state conducting workshops and lectures about water safety and the dangers associated with unsupervised prolonged breath holding.

We recognize that holding one’s breath while swimming is necessary and it is not our mission to advocate against doing so.  However, there is a dangerous difference between timed and synchronized breath-holding while swimming and prolonged breath-holding when under water that is preceded by hyperventilating. Due to this we are on a mission to educate the public about the difference and how the later can lead to a deadly outcome and how this tragedy can be avoided.